February 27, 2009

Art Supplies

Usually I don't use watercolors... but I did for this new book project. I splurged at the art store... down at Daniel Smith's in Seattle.

There was this box of great looking paints... at a big discount. So I succumbed to temptation. I was amazed by all the granulation in the paints in the samples they had in the store. But in real life, I'm finding it's hard to duplicate that same granularity.

I think it requires doing really, really washy washes... which simply is not possible when doing really small scale illustrations.

But they're still gorgeous... and the tubes are huge! I'll have a lifetime supply.

Still, any trip to the art supply store is usually fun... and the temptations sometimes prove difficult to overcome. Digital art is all very fine... but there's nothing quite like a trip to a real art supply store.

I'll have to show you pictures of my new chair next...

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