February 23, 2009

Art on a sunny saturday

I'm afraid that my blog is longing for insignificance... as if it were lacking such a thing.

The weekend... the weekend... the weekend.

Let's see. Start with a trip to the zoo... watching the elephant pull leaves off the branches over the fence. What fun!

As a child, my grandpa once lifted me up over the fence at the zoo to retrieve a colorful feather. I don't think there were any rhinos about at the time. That's the sort of memory one tends to cherish.

A coffee shop... and glorious sunshine! The music was deafening... the lines were long... the tables were jammed. The patrons sit for hours and hours. I don't know how they read with the music that loud. We were the last in and the first out... even though I tried to linger.

A trip to the museum of porcelain. Actually it's just a bath design showroom... but it's what one must resort to when the Metropolitan Museum of Art is out of reach. Essentially it's the same experience as admiring art I think. Everything is perfect. The porcelain and fixtures are immaculate... and unused... and don't even have real water. I'm thinking about remodeling the downstairs bath.

Such perfection resembles art on a sunny saturday.

Oh... and my feline's perfect sense of oblivion. I cannot compete with this sort of languor. This feline has mastered the art-form far above my skill level.

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