January 2, 2009


Messy studio? I wrote the book on that subject.

In fact now, I notice, I've added a new layer of studio-sclerosis-junk that rings around the edge of the room. But the really weird thing is I kind of like it like that.

I keep opened books lying on the floor of styles I like (such as the current Ernest & Celestine book by Gabrielle Vincent). There's something about leaving them there opened that works better than keeping them on a shelf. It feels like I'm experiencing them more deeply. Occasionally I'll flip to a new page.

I'll begin to clean when things get lost. When I spend more time looking for something than I do working, then it's time to get manic and clean.

1 comment:

June said...

You made me smile with your theory of when it is time to clean :o)

I keep tripping over the piles on my floor, but just square them into a tidy pile again, and ignore them if I can. Time will come when I really do have to sort it all out, and then I will feel blessed with a tidy studio, but not be able to find anything!