June 27, 2007

Picassos From the Start

Picasso once said it took him 45 years to draw like a child.

I quite agree. That sort of spontaneity is the hardest thing to accomplish in drawing.

I rescued the drawing of the witch from the alleyway, where it had fallen into the rain. Now it will live on, recaptured for all the good that art can do. I've saved all my children's masterpieces.

I suppose I treasure them most... both as a parent and as an artist.

Now... it's on to the miscellaneous drawers! The true record of life's travails... all left over in bits & pieces.


June said...

I believe that middle drawing could be of the bear you can't throw away!

I have lots of chores I am avoiding...

John Nez said...

Possibly... but there were a number of stuffy bears. I don't know where they all went... mostly locked up in trunks now.

Chores? It's always just one thing after another it seems...