June 13, 2007

Hairball Formula?... Mouse Hockey Anyone?

Well here's my kitty. I'd tell you her name, but that would allow you unfettered access to every online account I have. So she will have to remain known as merely 'kitty', here. Being a cat of distinction, she has been immortalized in any number of children's books.

This photo finds her busily sleeping away on one of the lovely quilts made by my lovely spouse. In this regard she is an excellent role model.

I suppose life is getting a bit boring for her, since it seems her favorite 'Seafood Supper' dry cat mix is unavailable in the stores anymore. Now her choices are whittled down to 'Hairball Formula' (like that sounds appealing...) or 'Active Maturity'. That sounds tasty.

Active senior cats... that's a good one! Bingo anyone? LOL!

Just imagine being stuck having to eat 'Hairball Formula' day in & day out. Mice would start looking very scrumptious. Though I've never actually seen her eat a mouse.

She did bring a live mouse in one evening for a rollicking game of 'Mouse Hockey'. Mouse Hockey is played by the cat owner with a broom. The goal is to sweep the mouse out from under the couch and out through the opened door without allowing the mouse to flee to distant unknown parts of the house. It's a very difficult game... calls for split second reflexes and nerves of steel.


Sam said...

Mouse hockey sounds like it should be an Olympic sport.
Love the kitty. She looks very peaceful.
I think I read somewhere that dogs and cats don't have tastebuds, so to speak. I think maybe she can eat her hairball special and not mind too much.

John Nez said...

Generally it seems 'the tangier the better'.

And of course canned food is the tangiest of all.



Anonymous said...

Our cats have played "mouse hockey" on numerous times, but we've also had cats that eat the mice.Kitty looks so sweet and peaceful on the quilt.

Paula Pertile said...

Maybe you can put the new hairball formula stuff in an old seafood supper bag, and make a big show of it while pouring it out..."mmm, seafood supper, look!"
No? They're too smart for that aren't they?

John Nez said...

Not nearly that smart. Life must be tough for cats... waiting for hours on end for doors to be opened.

But thankfully there's 'canned' food once a day to make life worth while...


June said...

Hairball formula treat indeed... I choked on my coffee reading that!

Must be equal to trying to make All-bran sound exciting to humans of a certain age or need!

Thankfully, bran doesn't taste too bad. Glad I don't suffer with hairballs though!