January 21, 2007

Books, books, books, books, books...


Just back from ALA mid-winter... and was that a trip! Books, books, books, books, books.... and editors, editors, editors, editors.

Believe me, here in Seattle it's only once every blue moon that they hold a national book event, so I wasn't about to pass up this once in a lifetime opportunity.

I got to meet tons of editors from most all the places I've been sending in work. So it was flattering to have them recognize me and have a face to go with my drawings and stories. There's nothing quite like a face to face meeting, instead of just letters and emails. I even discovered that the editor of my new book for Penguin was there! So we got to meet and go over some of the basics of my new book.


It was very cool to see all the books by all the illustrators and authors I know from online, in just about every booth I visited. It's a small world of bookmakers. I also met some authors and artists from my online groups. I even met a local artist one who lives right in my neighborhood. That makes it even a smaller world.


I got to chat up all kinds of famous publishing folks... Cooper Edens, who is republishing classic picture book illustrators, Alexi Sherman the star of native american writing.. and I even met Grover from Sesame Street! I used to do tons of work for Children's Television Workshop.

I kept wandering down new aisles and discovering new publishers that I'd scarcely heard of before. From the looks of it, there are hundreds of publishers churning out children's books by the thousands.


Anyhow, it was fun... even if I did start feeling like a homeless person lugging 45 pounds of book catalogues by the end of the day. Note to self... next time bring a rolling wheeled suitcase. I now have dozens of catalogues, half a dozen freebie booklights, bags, card decks, water bottles, pins and generally about all the 21st century trinkets that they traded the island of Manhattan for.


Anonymous said...

Wow John, sounds like a little slice of heaven to me! I think I'll be checking the calendar to see if and when it's being held in Phoenix. 45 pounds of catalogs, you can ahve a whole book shelf devoted just to catalogs!

Thanks for sharing the photos too,

John Nez said...

Hi Gail... great blog you've got! Love that artwork... amazing detail!

I'm not sure what I'll be doing with all those catalogues, and more books is probably the last thing I needed!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words about my work and blog. I do need to get in the habit of regular postings to keep things going.

Can a person have too many books?! OK,I guess you could if you don't have place to put them. I love looking through catalogs, even old ones! Keeps me focused me of my goals.


Anonymous said...

It looks like you had a fabulous time! How wonderful!!
And you met GROVER!!
Green with jealousy here, lol.
A wheelie suitcase would be nice. I always wanted a little burro with floppy ears and a big ribbon around his neck to carry my stuff.
But the the practical me says 'what about the burro poop? and How do you get him in the taxi?

John Nez said...

LOL! Yes a burro would have been perfect! Exactly what I was thinking...

It was fun... but now the return to the 'hermit crab shell' of freelancing takes over again.