July 23, 2006

Trip to the Seaside

Nothing like a trip out to the seaside. One of my favorite spots in Puget Sound is Fort Casey at Ebey's Landing up on Whidbey. Great views and a great beach.

Don't forget to pack that Julien oil painting easel for the landscapes!


janee said...

Lovely! Did you do some sketching/painting while you were there?

John Nez said...

Just the snaps... lots quicker than a sketch.

Snapshots are quicker and easier than drawings... hence the great difficulty in keeping up an art blog where the blogger must create everything from the blank page, instead of just uploading a quick photo.

It'd be even easier if I lived in Paris... then everything would look artistic AND be as easy as a snapshot...


June said...

That snap of the trees would be a good one for you to turn into a painting John. Lovely black silhouetted shapes against colours.

I shall await another Nez masterpiece :¬)

Kim said...

Love these wonderful shots, John. The tree and those stones, especially. Thanks for visiting SDP so often. If you'd ever want to contribute to SDP, that would be cool. Being a newbie here (1 year) I don't know much. I enjoy your comments. Haven't been able to email you, but tried a couple times. I had visited your two blogs last month and really enjoyed seeing your work. Would love to see it first hand if you have any upcoming shows/open studios. I've collected children's illustrated books for eons now (I'm a preschool educator), and have a number of illustrator and painter friends who make their living at it, so I really appreciate what goes into your work and how good it is. Best to you,

John Nez said...

Thanks for dropping by ya'll.

As you can see, I'm woefully behind in my blogging.

Glad to see people still drop by though...