June 15, 2006

Strawberries & Landscapes

Not been blogging lately... life's been too complicated. And I've started another blog Lost in the Paint, for just my paintings on canvas.

Meanwhile, it's June-uary here in the Pacific Northwest. That's when it looks like March out the window only it's actually warm outside. Just takes a slight mental leap to overcome the gloom and tell yourself it must be summer because the roses are in bloom. Strawberries too... but I suppose there's strawberries everywhere more or less.

True summer begins here July 5th... since July 4th is notorious for raining all day.

Had a great time working up a new technique using paint and photoshop. This illustration is done using that technique... and the bear's doing what I'm busy doing... eating berries. it's that time of year.

This technique is just a minor progression and refinement of my earlier ventures into that zone. Quicker and more control of details... what's not to like?

Mmmmmm..... authentic farm fresh strawberries, sold in a little seasonal farm stand nearby. Although Washington state is famous for it's cherries, I much prefer the strawberries.


June said...

I love the texture on the bear John. It looks like you have added something to paint to make it thick, then scratched into it for texture... I bet it is all digital additions though. You make me so envious!
And strawberries too!!!
I had some for my birthday treat recently, with clotted cream and a bottle of wine to round it all off. Yummy treat, and the hens and rabbits enjoyed sharing them too!


John Nez said...

Thanks... yes that texture is digital, though it started out as real paint.

The strawberries are a once a year treat, but I'm afraid after about 4 days of them it gets to the point of... "Oh no... not more strawberries!".


PG said...

I love this illo, it has an oddly nostaligic feel to it, like the 'Little Golden' books.

I prefer cherries. :)

Gordon Fraser said...

Lovely work John, I thought the bear was all painted.....you're a bit clever on the ol'Photoshop!