December 7, 2016

From the picturebook dummy to the real book

 Before a book is real, it first appears as a 'dummy'. That is to say it's a rough version of what will be the finish art and text.  I made this dummy book with my printer and tape and lots of cleverness.  

Here's a post showing how a book might change and progress between the first sketched out dummy book and the final printed book.

Some of the pictures and words are slightly changed with each new version made as the book evolves.

It's almost more fun playing with the sketches than doing all the finish work, but it's always a challenge trying to keep the sketches loose.

But I guess the the very first version of the book was the  Indesign file that came before the homemade version.

Of course now that I see the rough version and the finish book, I just want to rewrite it all and change the art... occupational hazard I guess.


David Opie said...

Great post! I love seeing your book-making process!

Jon Buller said...

Did you ever make a model of the sky cycle?

Emilie Boon said...

Fun post, John! Making dummies is kind of magical, isn't it? Soooo many possibilities!

John Nez said...

Thanks! I never did make a real model of a Sky-Cycle - just the art.

And YES making dummy books seems far better than just writing - because when I make a dummy and add pictures to the words, I find that the added art changes everything! It's almost like writing without pictures seems like tying one hand behind one's back.