May 11, 2015

Instructions on Freelancing...

Life as a freelancer is chaotic and unpredictable. So I decided if I ever gave a SCBWI talk on how to prepare for a career as a children's book illustrator I would advise developing three basic skills.

1) practice your expertise in Photoshop

2) practice your expertise at 'Whack-a-Mole'

3) practice your expertise at playing 'Publisher Poker' - which is the fine art of trying to juggle deadlines and art directors without losing your mind or going broke.

4) also take a night class at 'charm school' - this is essential and maybe should be #1!


Mike Blake illustration said...

How do you "practice" Wack-a-mole and publisher-poker without actually having to experience that first hand? haha ^_^

John Nez said...

Yes, that might be problematic - but I've added rule #4 - also take night classes at 'charm school' - this is essential!