March 6, 2015

"Website - we have a problem!"

My tiny little website has been misbehaving. Pages won't load - the site hangs - a small jpeg takes 4 minutes to load. That's not good.  

The expert GoDaddy web-hosting engineer ran a traceroute told me it was definitely a Comcast problem. I went to find any help at Comcast, but there isn't any.

To say I felt like I was up the creek without a paddle is putting it mildly.

So armed with this new knowledge, I went back to GoDaddy.  Finally after 25 minutes I was delighted to hear him say, "Whao! What's this? That's interesting... so it DOES look like it's on our end after all!"    

So I'm not crazy and it's not just me! It might be affecting many, many websites out there. It's all too complicated for me to figure out.

Update* - Website finally restored after 3 days - might have been there for a weeks if I hadn't noticed it.  Whew! 

1 comment:

John Nez said...

Yay! Now it's working again... only took about 3 days.

Whew! I didn't know it was so complicated!