August 13, 2014

Mr. Bunny has delivered new postcards!

Mr. Bunny has delivered new boxes of postcards! Art Directors will want to keep on the lookout.  I've always liked to print things and look at them - so I was especially chuffed to open these boxes.

WOW! I just discovered that has been billing my credit card $15.99 a month for years ... even though I don't even use it!  I only used once out of curiosity and purchased just $25 the one time I tried it. But I discovered I owe them an Account Fee of $367!

Wow... be warned!!!  Go with the - they are honest and trustworthy and their stamps look way better. And you can pick from their vast online selections to get the best design for you mailing campaign.

I was hoodwinked into thinking that was a service where I purchased a little postage and then used it when I needed. At no time did I understand that I was secretly being billed $15.99 every month - without ever receiving a single emailed bill notification.  I'm not used to paying a secret monthly fee for my stamps sitting in the drawer.

I see there are 400 similar complaints to mine at - matching the same sense of outrage that has duped them and is quietly billing them every month for no services rendered and never producing any yearly notice that I was ever aware of.  So BEWARE of!  How many people ever read the pages of microscopic type in the user agreements on most web sites?  Very few I'd guess. relies on complacency to rake in profits.


Mike Blake illustration said...

These look wonderful!

Sometimes I wish I was an art that I could get amazing postcards like these and wallpaper my office with them and other artist submissions. ^_^

John Nez said...

Thanks Mike! I sometimes wonder what ADs do with all their postcards? Most of them probably just get recycled.