April 6, 2014

A super-sized little illustration

I received a VERY large envelope in the mail last week from the nice folks at Highlights. It's a poster about  writing that will be appearing in libraries and schools this summer. It's really, really big - much bigger than my 22" monitor. It started out as just a spot drawing, but they liked it so much they decided to turn it into a poster.
With a little digital magic I adjusted the dpi and sizes, so that a larger drawing would work at poster size. It's the largest illustration I've ever had published.
I was very pleased with how it turned out.  I tried out a new technique of isolating some of the images as layers with shadows, so it looks kind of like a collage.

It's fun having such a big illustration printed.  It's awesome to think it will be seen by thousands of people in schools and libraries.


Jennifer said...

Hi! I love the poster - your work is so inspiring! Hope all is well for you and yours, on this lovely spring day!

John Nez said...

Thanks Jen! Glad you liked it...