April 7, 2013

My new 3 pound pen!

A large package arrived on my doorstep... it would have made a nice doorstop it was so heavy.  WHAT might that be? I wondered... I wasn't expecting anything.

Actually I was expecting a pen - but this couldn't be a pen - it weighed 3 pounds!

Opening the box I first discovered another big black box inside.  Mysterious I thought.  Then I opened that box and there was another black box... a lacquered shining black box with polished chrome hinges.  Finally opening the lid of that box I discovered the Confusicous Pen I had ordered!  (it only took 2 days to be delivered from Amazon - I thought it'd take 3 weeks).

Lifting the pen, I found the heaviest pen I've ever held. It feels like it's made out of iron.  But the reason I bought this pen is for the nib, which has a special flattened end for making wide calligraphic drawings.  It was recommended to me by Jackie Urbanovic, an artist friend of mine.

So I loaded it up and tried it out... works great!  It does provide amazing line variations and awesome mottled texture when applied on watercolor paper.  That's what I was after.  I'll be using this in combination with my Pentel brush-pen, which also makes delicious crumbly expressive lines.


Tara Chang said...

John - sounds fabulous. Show a sample of the lines you're making? (and maybe a close-up of the nib?) Pretty please?

John said...

I added in a sample of the Confucious and the Pentel brush-pen. They work together to make an interesting line.

Tara Chang said...

Thanks! Looks lovely - and fun!

Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

Makes me want a 3 lbs. pen too!!! Luscious! :) e

Nahin said...

Hulky !!! It's really plenty fabulous collection shows you. Pretty one sure.