January 26, 2013

ALA - Midwinter

No, that's not the halftime concession stand at the Superbowl... that's the lobby on a quiet morning at ALA-mid-winter.

Now I know why I work at home alone in slippers. I'm glad I steeled myself for rejection ahead of time... it came in handy. It's an uphill battle when you're trying to foist yourself off as a creator of picture books in the middle of the clearance sale at Macys. I did have two or three books on the racks there, if you dug deep enough you might have seen them.

So many books... so many middle-men! I still wonder what all those guys in suits do? We lowly authors just create books from the blank page.

Whew! Too much stuff! I had to get back to my quiet cafe to relax.

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