March 5, 2012

A weekend lost in learning DreamWeaver

I've been spending the weekend lost in learning DreamWeaver.

Lucky for me I'm equally as stubborn as I am ignorant, so I actually enjoy the struggle up the learning curve. I'm learning all kinds of fun new stuff... creating CSS based pages with lots of nifty features. 

Adding in slideshows and rollover buttons is way easier than doing it the old fashioned way... once you figure out how. What I think Adobe needs is a 'Dummy' level of web design, so it wouldn't require any working with code.

Who knows... maybe it'll actually work! 
I still think HTML is the 'devil's own' language.... lol!

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MariaH T said...

"I still think HTML is the 'devil's own' language.... lol!" Ha ha. come on though HTML is pretty simple when you get to grips with it. Try not to see it as a programming language and that might help. anyway I hope it all goes well. Dreamweaver is a great tool :)