February 25, 2012

Reading List...

Reading: 'My Autobiography -Charles Chaplin'.

Operative quote: 'The word "art" never entered my head or my vocabulary. The theatre meant a livelihood and nothing more.'  That's the same set of rules I use, actually.

Chaplin is as meticulous and in-depth a writer as he was a genius at making films. I've been watching some of his earlier movies online and I'm amazed he got through his career without a broken neck!  Modern Times is my favorite Chaplin film.

Also reading: 'L. Frank Baum - Royal Historian of Oz'
Operative quote from his step-mother: 'He's a good-for-nothing dreamer'.

I find it's interesting that they're both set in the same time... early 20th century and have to do with breaking into new art forms.

* Factoid: Charlie Chaplin always cut his own hair... as do I.  Hmmm.... 


Bill Basso illustrator/cartoonist said...

Real nice "art" to go along with your Reading List post, John.

John Nez said...

Thanks Bill! I'm always trying to figure out something new... hoping it'll sell.