January 17, 2012

Always have a Plan B

One rule of freelancing is always have a Plan B.

I remember when I was first starting out free-lancing, I used to go the Donnelly Library to learn about paste-up so maybe I'd be able to work as a designer if I couldn't make it as an illustrator.

Lucky for me the phone started ringing before I had to take on any paste-up jobs.

Now I do licensed character and educational work instead of paste-up.  I suppose you could say I'm a 'drawing addict'.  I escape through drawing... so I'm actually quite indifferent in a way to what I draw.  

Last weekend I sketched out two detailed drawings that it turned out I wasn't even supposed to do.  But it didn't bother me in the slightest.  I had fun drawing them.  And I'm sure I'll reuse those drawings in something else some day.

Now we artists can apply that same Plan B technique to creating ebooks and apps.

Sometimes life is all Plan B I guess.  One problem I'm having is I'm too old to do anything else really... and too spoiled.  
So let's hope the planet still needs more images made to order. 

Digital, watercolor, acrylic, vector... I make any sort.  
I might even make Macaroni sculpture if need be.

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