October 29, 2011

Happy Interactive Halloween!

Here's a little Halloween fun made in Kwiksher, which is a photoshop extension for building interactive iPad apps.

Tools used... pencil, wacom, photoshop, Kwiksher, Garage Band, USB microphone, SoundJay... and innate talent.


Phyllis Harris said...

LOVE it, John!! Very fun!!

Paula Pertile said...

I love it! :~)

Susan Miller said...

I love it too, I also enjoy the list of what you used to make it. Thanks

John Nez said...

Yes, it can be fun making these.

I've never had a drawing 'speak' to me in quite the same way.


Christiane said...

Oh, I like it! was is very hard to do? What a combination of tools!
Hope you're having a good Halloween! C