July 14, 2011

The 12 Days of Christmas Book Blog

The 12 Days of Christmas Book Blog has been under construction. Blogger makes it easy to transform a regular blog into sort of a 'web-site blog' with the addition of tabs.

I find that some of the features still don't work on the 'new blogger'. For those one has to switch back to the 'old blogger'. But it's fun to improvise new designs and see how they turn out.

One simply cannot beat the pricing schedule of 'free'. I hope it will prove useful in lining up lots of school tours. It should be going 'live' before too long. Only 164 shopping days left until Christmas!


Christiane said...

Fantastic! When's it coming out?

John Nez said...

I suppose it'll be around November or thereabouts. I guess the drawback with a holiday book is it has a limited time to be in the stores.

But Sterling (the publisher) has already done quite a few of these books, so mine will just be one of many. It should be good for local school visits though, which can be a good thing.