August 3, 2010

Joy of Camping #1

I am back from my week in the sunshine, mountains, beaches, rain forests and victorian seaside towns.

I saw glaciers, japanese tourists, sea otters, winding trails through the rain forest and listened to the eternal surf on the beach.

I think this photo of the campsite in the woods near Rialto Beach captures my favorite things about camping... the mysterious deep woods, the glowing memories from the fire, the simplicity of having a camp for a home.

I hiked all sorts of amazing trails, marveling at Nature's handiwork. I relaxed at camp sites with sunshine glowing through the chardonnay... what better vacation might there be?

I saw numerous picturesque light houses... and had all sorts of exciting ideas about paintings.

I am most likely a camping wussie... since I have to be able to carry along an ice-box, wine, beer, cold cuts, two burner stove, giant tent, umpteen mattress pads and all that. The simple basic necessities.

It's just so much more relaxing than being in cities... from my perspective. Just nature all alone... absolute peace & quiet... a few simple tasks like getting wood and water are all that's needed.
The scent of cedar in the sunshine, the sound of the boughs in the wind, a bubbling brook... it's heaven.

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Anonymous said...

Lovely photos!