July 1, 2010

Theoretical pastimes...

With the endless days of rain and gloom here in Seattle, I've decided to think up a new summertime sport to match the climate. There is a limit as to how long one can stay cooped up inside, after all.

This pastime might be known as 'lawn rolling'. Lawn rolling consists of heading bravely out into inclement weather for a good roll in the rain soaked grass.

The technique is really very simple. One simply stretches out, with arms held down by one's side and begins to roll. Don't ask me how it's done... it's easier to just do it than explain how.

Variants on lawn rolling might include cross country rolling, uphill rolling, downhill rolling, obstacle course rolling, tall grass rolling, long distance rolling... etc.

Eventually it might even become an olympic sport. There could be speed rolling, the 50 yard roll and even marathon rolling.

Since it's so hard to find anything that's dry and warm around here, we ought to simply embrace wetness and cold! The one rule is that it must always be raining and grey.

I spent the other day out in the rain scrubbing down the porch and stairs. I guess that gave me the idea for the whole idea.
Embrace the wetness... get out in it and roll!


Doug said...

Maybe you should invite Sponge Bob Squarepants over to play. Sounds like he would like it there...

John Nez said...

No doubt S.B. would be able to soak up loads of moisture from all the wet grass. I imagine his square edges might be problematic for a smooth rolling technique.