June 8, 2010

Blog update #474

Folklife: It's hard to believe that the 'Folk Life' weekend has come and gone... since it seems like it's still winter. Folklife is the 3 day local folk music festival.

Last year it was sunny and hot and summery and wonderful. This year the weather lived up to the Seattle reputation of cold, rain and gloom.

Events of note: 50th Anniversary of the Japanese Gardens at the Arboretum: Timeless and always wonderful. There's something so perfect about how the manicured pines and the arranged stones makes space seem so timeless. Very contemplative.

Busy: Monkeying around with my pal Photoshop. I'm enjoying trying for a 1950's style with a modern edge. The joys of the brush pen on paper are promising. Drawing, drawing, drawing... and then drawing some more.

Major makeover in the backyard. I've been waiting for days for the tree guy to cut down the ginormous 55 foot eucalyptus. The arborist said this Jolly Green Giant was likely to grow TWICE as big by the time it's done growing. This tree is planted in the wrong backyard for that!

It was quite an impressive take-down. The tree crew had all manner of ropes and pulleys and the main arborist climbing 25 feet up into the air with spikes and chain saws. Clouds of gas exhaust and chain saws. It was dramatic. Finally got some sunshine in the yard again... which is nice.

Weather: Rain again... that's about 2 weeks straight now... some days without even a sunbreak. Juneuary, for sure.

Eating: home-made corn waffles & fresh blueberries

Reading: 'I, Fatty', a fascinating historical novel about Fatty Arbuckle and the early days of Hollywood.

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