February 16, 2010


I'm a big proponent of the b.i.c. 'butt in chair' philosophy for getting work done. But on occasion I do find it's enjoyable to expand upon the theme.

For I also am a proponent of the philosophy of b.i.c.i.c. 'butt in chair in cafe'. There are few moments in an artist's life that seem more ideal than sketching away on new ideas from a well placed cafe table. (preferably with good light and no loud music).

And also there's the adjunct pre-requisite of b.o.b. 'butt on bicycle'... which leads naturally to b.i.c.i.c. Altogether there's nothing quite like the fresh air and heart pumping exercise of a good bike ride. b.o.b. followed by a little b.i.c.i.c.

Onward and upwards with the Arts!

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