January 14, 2010


Sketching: Writing refinements to some new stories. It's always good when you wake up and find that new idea that seems like the missing key. I stumble along in the dark until that key is found.

Drinking: Costa-Rican blend. My favorite cup of coffee is when it's just started to percolate... and only half done. At that point the subtlety of the coffee bouquet is sublime.

Looking forward to: Sunshine! (it rained instead)

Working on: About 3 different things simultaneously.
* New finish samples from the new book to be used as a mailer
* A school flyer for drumming up some school visits
* Reworking three new story ideas... (whittled down from about five)

Reading: 'Memoirs of a Victorian Gentleman' by Margaret Forster. A book I can scarcely put down. I've never read such an insightful description of what it's like to be a writer.

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