June 5, 2009

Seattle sights #17

A golden edifice... this structure is like none I've ever seen. It's amazing from the outside. Each side is very different. It was built by one of our local billionaires, designed by Frank Gehry (who I understand doesn't know how to use a computer... he just uses a pencil).

The Sci-Fi Museum at the Experimental Music Project. A sight that captures one's imagination. The monorail runs right through the museum on the way to downtown.

More scenes from last week's Northwest Folklife. Barefoot women, top hats and silver guitars.

And since it was a lucky day, I wandered into the lobby of the opera building and came across this fabulous Fay Jones painting, a Seattle painter. It's a very large painting, so it was fascinating to see it up close... all the reworkings and patches. A masterpiece by a major American painter. I went to one of her art talks here... very interesting how she begins with a small thing and makes it very big. In person Fay Jones seems as unassuming as she is remarkable.

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