May 19, 2009

Sky-Cycles... Then & Now

I found it ironic, amusing and fascinating to come across this 100 year old photograph taken in Seattle at the Alaskan Yukon Pacific Exposition of 1909.

Here in Seattle there's a bit of historical interest in marking the 100 year anniversary of this event.

But on a more personal note, I found it amazing that this photo was taken at the exact same location of my favorite bike ride. In fact the photographer has selected the location where I usually sit halfway through my ride... admiring the very same fountain which has spouted peacefully for a century now.

The rest of the fairgrounds from 1909 have been changed into the University of Washington campus. But the fountain remains intact from 1909... along with the spouting jet of water of the fountain.

How odd that my book should have so many similarities in time. It's easy to imagine the Sky-Cycle drifting overhead... 100 years back in time. Of course imagining is one thing that children's book makers are good for.

I like it when history connects things like that.

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Jennifer said...

Except now, I can't see any parent letting their child build and ride in a sky cycle, and it would be impossible to get insurance for, and you'd get arrested if you flew it anywhere near a town...

I do think we're getting a bit too civilized sometimes.