April 15, 2009

Babybug... the real and the digital

I greatly enjoyed doing these 6 pages of artwork in the new Babybug magazine, which just came out.

It was interesting in that I first was going to do the final version with photoshop. But then I changed my mind and decided to do the real paint instead.

It's hard to decide which I like more. Each has it's pros and cons. Since the publisher seems to very much prefer real paints, I stuck with those... even though I spilled some paint on one of the faces and it was a bit of a pain to fix with real paints. That sort of thing wouldn't have taken 20 seconds with the digital version.

I had numerous different backgrounds in mind for the digital version... which is one of the fun things which that medium allows. And I have yet to find any paint that can equal photoshop for doing opaque highlight details.

It's all in the drawing anyhow, so the medium is secondary I guess.


Sherry Rogers said...

This are truly wonderful!

Christiane said...

They look great, fun characters + brillant colours, is it a book within a magazine?

John Nez said...

It's just a magazine... glad you like the colors.


Phyllis Harris said...

John, your work is so beautiful and inspiring! Your art always bring a smile to my face and a warmth to my heart. I was/am a fan of Richard Scarry as a child and your work is reminiscent of his although it also has it's own wonderful flavor. :o)

Sam said...

I just love your illustrations!! (and I bet kids love them too, which is more important, lol)