March 24, 2009

Ferris wheels must be very popular...

Ferris wheels must be very popular. I have been perplexed to discover this after noticing that this image, which I posted on my blog about a year ago has been one of the most popular pages ever on my site. It seems to come up almost every day in web searches.

Maybe that's a good sign for my new upcoming book. Let's hope so.

So I've reposted it... along with a link to my new book's URL. So maybe now folks from Kyonggi-do, Seoul, Jakarta Raya, Kyonggi-do, Costa Rica Madrid, Bratislava, Ontario, and Virginia will know where else to click if they like this image.

By the way... my most popular link by far is: How to unclog a Canon print head. That one wins bar none. I'm thinking of adding a new update titled: How to refill a Canon inkjet cartridge for $1. That's sure to cause a sensation!


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