November 11, 2008

A Foggy Halloween Farm

I was so carried away by all the political dramas that I forgot all about Halloween.

Halloween arrived exactly on schedule... at first it was foggy. But it soon became a brilliant day.

The usual suspects all lined up as always...

This pathway stretched on to forever... with no one else in sight.

It's hard to decide which leaf is the most perfect. They all qualify.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos. Halloween really did sneak up on us this year, I don't think anyone was truly prepared for it.

Sam said...

Gorgeous pictures as usual!

I was just thinking 'when is Halloween?' then realized with a start, that it had passed and I hadn't even realized it!
No trick - or -treaters in our village!

Christiane said...

Just discovered these Halloween pics, that farm looks brilliant in the fog, love the truck!:o)