August 22, 2008

'One Smart Cookie'... the movie trailer

Here's a trailer for one of my books.

It was fun putting it together, once I figured out all the baffling 'simplicity' of iMovie. I'm sure I spent more time learning how to get it all to work than I did with the creative stuff.

But the next time it ought to go much faster, if I still remember how, that is.



Christiane said...

That's a great idea, didn't even know this was possible...:o). Are you going to send this out to people?

John Nez said...


I've put it out into the vast ocean of Youtube... but whether it catches any fish is another question.

It was fun to make... a nice change to add some sound & music to a plain picture.


Sam said...

What a wonderful trailer!!!
I loved it - those illustrations are remarkable, and the story looks so cute. I'm sending the link to a friend who has a dog named Cookie!