April 16, 2008

Signs of Spring

The blossoms of the wild apple... no truer token of Spring can be found.  Even though it almost seems the new spring leaves are getting freezer burn as they bravely emerge... Springtime proceeds.  

The red-wing blackbird sings his song for all to hear.  I think his bright red patches get even brighter this time of year.

Today found turtles in abundance for some inexplicable reason.  It seemed entirely too cold for turtles... but maybe they were tired of sleeping in the mud at the bottom of the pond.


Sam said...

More lovely phots taken by an artist - Bravo!

(love the turtles!)

gail said...

Your photographs are alway a joy!

This year spring hit us with a blast. It's been the most colorful, and longest one I remember. I posted a few photos today too.