May 20, 2006

A wonderfully printed book...

I just got my copies of a book I did for Usborne, 'The Dragon Painter' and I'm very pleased with the print quality. In fact I'd go so far to say that it's most likely the best packaged and printed book I've ever done the artwork for.

It means so much to an artist to have their work presented the way they painted it... as often that's not the case.

But I have to say, on this book the printing is just perfect... it has sewn bindings and they did a wonderful job of everything... even the endpapers. And a real first, there's even a little satin red ribbon bookmark that comes with the book.

I was very pleased to see how my digital/real media techniques seemed to print up very nicely too. Believe me, it's not every book that leaves the artist so pleased with the printed copy.

It was a fun story, a folk tale, about a painter who paints dragons that come to life.
I had a great time doing the research for all the chinese decor. I found the Emperor in a book about an ancient chinese gardens. I had to make sure I changed the pattern of the designs on the clothing, since I have no way of knowing what they might actually mean or say in ancient chinese!

I previously uploaded some of the artwork from this book back in January.


b said...

incredible work! your talent is amazing. it is neat to see your illustrations in print and then your previous blog in which you feature your sketches. glad i came across your site!

medaydreamer said...

Hi John
the book looks how your illustrations came out. I can't wait to get my very own copy!

janee said...

It looks great online. Can't wait to add it to my collection. It's always such a boost when something prints as nicely as you'd hoped. Congratulations, John!

Gillian Young said...

Your drawings are beautiful! I always dreamed of being an illustrator, but I'm far from being as skilled as you are. Do you ever do caricatures of yourself or people you know?

John Nez said...

Thanks to everyone for all the compliments... it's a nice change to finally be halfway happy with a printed book. Usually when I receive the printed copies 8 months later I just want to hide it out of sight... or worse.

I don't have the knack required for charicatures... I think that takes a very special gift. But it's true I think that most artists draw themselves in all their artwork.

Life as a cartoon... what a fate!



Moira Munro said...

Hi John, it's great, after reading all your philosophical rantings all these years, to know one of your books is available in the UK. That Usborne series is really good, my daughter has several of them. All nicely illustrated and printed, attractive to kids and their parents, and the good news for you and your royalties: they're more readily available in the bookshops than your average book.

Moira Munro said...

I didn't mean YOUR average book - that sounds rude. I meant AN average book!

Anonymous said...

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June said...

Hi John, I just got a copy of the Dragon Painter in my hot little hands :o)

I feel so proud to own a printed piece of your work at long last... and now I can Scrutinise the whole book, to work out how you do it so well!

Well, I can dream!

All the best,

Paige Keiser said...

These look absolutely beautiful, John! Wow..