February 27, 2006

Dust Kitties & Mysteries

What I wonder is how do dust kitties manage to assemble themselves out of primordial chaos?

I mean it does seem like lots of work and forward planning for thousands of far-flung dust particles to decide upon a mutual gathering place and decide altogether to join up and form a dust kitty. Wonders will never cease I guess... certainly not around the old studio, where there's dust kitties a-plenty and more gathering steam all the time.

I suppose ideas are a bit like dust kitties... forming out of the primordial nothingness.

I usually have my best writing ideas around about 3 am... which then require that I get out of bed and jot them down, or else keep thinking about them until daylight. Either way, it always makes for the artist stumbling around the kitchen in a groggy daze... scribbling down those whisperings of the muse that just won't leave a body in peace.

Anyhow... these are a few fun drawings from a new book of mine.... 'One Smart Cookie'. They're done using an interesting technique of real and digital mediums.


janee said...

Love the illustration, John! Can't wait to see the book.

Gretel said...

Ah John, you make it look so effortless...I love the expressions you give your characters. :)

tlchang said...

Now that Big-Project is over, I am finding plenty of the dust conglomerations about, and few of the idea kind... Am anxiously awaiting the return of my brain...

btw- do you mind if I link to your blog?

John Nez said...

Sure, feel free to link up the blog.

I've been out of commision trying to restore my computer all week. Had to reload the OSX from scratch.

Even my external drives got corrupted... Ugh!

Andrew Glazebrook said...

I like the style of these pics. Very nice work you have !