January 18, 2006

Is it Real or is it Digital?

Is it Real or is it Digital? Not to worry... it's a little bit of both.

Nowadays the artist has so many choices as to how to make an image, it's easy to pick the best features of both real and digital media to make the final artwork.

It's possible to start with real, dive into digital... print it back out to real... add some paint... scan it and then dive back into digital. Any number of permutations available along the way.

I much prefer real paint and real paper. I think it's easier and more expressive and basically that digital has to play catchup to the long tradiion of real mediums.

BUT there's always exceptions... and at times it really can seem like Photoshop is the most wonderful invention of all time for the artist. And there's always something new to try.


garth bruner said...

I'm sure you've been told about Corel Painter. But for realistic painting tools, it beats Photoshop. I use both, but like you said, each one has its strengths.

I love your illustrations! Glad you're blogging!

roz said...

I have read some of your blogging posts, and would like to thank you for your insights !
...Your illustrations have a way of taking me back to my own childhood. (thanks for that too).

Anonymous said...